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What We Do

IncentEdge works with our clients to match their unique business needs with the technology that will best address those needs and allow them to engage their customers to grow their business.

Mobile Customer Engagement Products

Customer engagement is the key to propelling sales and building long-term customer relationships. The products we bring focus on marketing, rewards, gifting, cross promotion and payments to enable marketers to engage in real time and deploy secure customer interactions inside their own app or as a stand alone.

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Mobile Gifting
Mobile Gifting
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Mobile Payments
Mobile Payments
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Engagement Through Promotions

Customers are looking for value and convenience whether they are in the shopping mall, sports stadium, movie theater or restaurant. The challenge is connecting customers with value-added offers or rewards from sponsors, advertisers, or partners while having the ability to track results - without the expense of POS integration or equipment . Now, with the right technology, these barriers have been eliminated.

Affiliate Marketing for Bricks and Mortar
Affiliate marketing programs are common in the online world. IncentEdge can bring the technology to enable the same types of program seamlessly in the bricks and mortar world.

There are scores of complementary businesses that are willing to pay a commission to merchants that drive their customers into their locations. This means more revenue for you.
Monetize Your Audience
IncentEdge can work with you to participate in affiliate programs that either drive customers of other businesses into your locations or pay you a commission for sending your customers into theirs.

Engagement through Mobile Gifting & Promotion Cards

Mobile gifting is a great way to add customer convenience and immediate gratification. Unlike programs based on physical cards alone, mobile gifting provides marketers the ability to identify both the purchaser and recipient. By going from anonymous to known, mobile gifting creates the opportunity to engage and further nurture relationships.

Mobile promotional cards bring a great opportunity to both incent and reward customers. Unlike a gift, the value on the promotional card is not paid out unless your customer comes in a takes action. Mobile promotion cards are a cost effective way for you or your marketing partners, advertisers or sponsors to stimulate visits and reward customer behavior in the timeframes you desire.

Mobile Gift Cards

Mobile Gift Cards
  • Consumers can send & receive gift cards in a matter of moments right through their phone
  • Access card balance any time
  • Reload values using any credit or debit card
  • Convert to a physical gift card if the recipient desires
Mobile Promotional Cards

Mobile Promotional Cards
  • No costs until they are redeemed by the customer
  • Removes the expense and lead time of physical cards
  • Reminds recipients of the promotion expiration date
  • Reduces a key barrier to customer redemption, remembering to carry the physical card

Engagement Through Loyalty Programs

Relevant customer engagement coupled with a seamless and convenient experience across channels are essential to making your business the first choice in the hearts and minds of consumers.

Going Beyond Purchase Rewards

Successful programs should consider the entire customer engagement process. IncentEdge can expand your capabilities to include rewards for other engagement activities such as taking surveys, referring friends, or advocating on social media.

Enabling Mobile Point Redemption

Customers are looking for the convenience of real time points redemption directly through their phones and we can help you deliver it without expensive integrations or adding equipment. According to research published by CapGemini in 2015, only 24% of loyalty programs using the mobile channel allow for mobile point redemption.

IncentEdge can help you extend your loyalty program capabilities in these areas and more.


Engagement Through Mobile Payments

Forrester predicts that by 2019, US mobile payments will hit $142B - significantly up from $52B in 2014.

Mobile payments not only are convenient but they provide the way to close the loop on tracking the results of promotions. The key is to be able to do that securely and with NO special equipment needed.

Our mobile payments are processed on a merchant's existing credit card rails - so no special equipment or POS integration is required.

If you have a points program, IncentEdge also can enable your customers to convert and redeem those points in real time at your and your partners' locations.

How We're Different

IncentEdge enables mobile payments from inside an existing mobile app to ensure customer interaction with our client's brand versus the brand of mobile wallet providers.

Mobile Payments

About Us

Based in Milwaukee, IncentEdge works with companies across a multitude of industries to deliver the right technology to address their business needs and bring customer engagement to the next level.

Industries include:

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